8th January

Tea Supply Alert Jan 2024

Containership on the sea


You may already be aware of the increasing risk to security, for container ships transiting through the Red Sea and Suez Canal.

As a result of this, most shipping lines are amending their shipping routes, for the next few months, to divert around the Cape of Good Hope (South Africa).

This route will delay a number of our containers, by up to 1 month and also has an increased cost, of around 30p/Kg. We are working hard to ensure our supply of product remains consistent and we do not currently envisage any issues.

However, we would ask for your support in providing us with any forecasts to your tea requirements over the next 3 months, that you are able to (unless you already provide this to us on a regular basis).

For the time being, Reginald Ames will soak up the additional costs associated with this shipping route, but if this looks set to continue in the longer term, we will have to review this with you.