8th September

*NEW* Second Flush Jun Chiyabari

12800 - Second Flush Jun Chiyabari

Jun Chiyabari is a relatively new tea garden, established in 2000.  It is situated around the small town of Hile in the Dhankuta District of the Eastern Himalayan Region of Nepal, just 65km West of Darjeeling.
There are 5 divisions making up this tea garden, covering an area of 96 hectares, with an altitude ranging between 1,700m and 2,100m.
Jun Chiyabari state their underlying philosophy is to respect produce, people and place. With a goal to produce the best possible teas in keeping with organic practices and ecologically friendly principles.
The Second Flush that we have purchased this year, is a VERY special tea. It has large brown twisted leaf with golden and silver tip. The liquor is bright with a slightly sweet and fruity character.
500g - £148.40 per kg (£74.20 per bag)
1kg - £130.50 per kg
3kg+ - £118 per kg