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Dear Guest, Thank you for visiting our site and thank you for your patience whilst it undergoes reconstruction. In the meantime, we have written the below overview to give you an insight to the business and would welcome any enquiry you have by phone: 01732 351 489 or by email.
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The Reginald Ames Team

What we Produce

We source high quality teas direct from origin, focusing on market movements to ensure the best prices. We ship in to the UK, blend ingredients to our customers' requirements, whether this be a Breakfast Tea brought together with teas from Kenya, Assam and Ceylon, or a herbal detox tea using Lemongrass, Ginger, Liquorice and Fennel. We then pack these teas in to a variety of formats including:

  • Loose Leaf
  • Large Leaf Pyramid Teabags (naked or enveloped)
  • Retail Packing
  • Double Chamber Teabags (naked or enveloped)

    Our Certifications

    We hold BRC AA Grade Certification along with Certification enabling us to supply teas which are Organic, Fairtrade, Ethical Tea Partnership, Demeter Biodynamic, Rainforest Alliance, etc. We are members of the UK Tea & Infusions Association and the International Tea Committee. We hold FDA registration via the US Tea Association.

    How we support our Customers

    We have over 300 customers of varying sizes and cherish every one of them. We learn so much from talking to our customers and understanding both their challenges and their take on the market. Working closely with our customers enables us to give support where needed, iron out any difficulties before they become more and generates further business through new product development.
    Every year, we travel overseas to tea growing areas around the world and will often take customers with us. Again, it is both ourselves and our customers who win with such trips, we are able to build relationships whilst educating customers to the industry challenges; for our customers, we are able to take videos, pictures, etc. for use as marketing and PR tools.
    We also spend time visiting shows, so that we can then talk to our customers about them and drive innovation through the business. These shows are not limited to tea, but also coffee, chocolate, cold drinks, packaging, technology, machinery, etc.
    We provide monthly updates to all our customers, relaying news of the industry and the challenges it faces, along with news around new products to market and changes in legislation. We are soon to be re-developing our website and will be linking our monthly newsletter to this and other social media bases to give customers more regular updates with easy access.

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