24th November

Coming Soon A New Tea

TSatemwa Steamed Tea








This tea is from the Satemwa Estate in Malawi.  It is grown at an altitude of 1,150m above sea level and was developed after much experimentation on the Estate.  All leaves are hand plucked, and brought to the speciality tea making factory in small baskets.

The key behind the production of this tea, is to steam the leaves early in the processing, soon after picking to stop the natural oxidisation process.  The manufacturing method here was inspired by the Japanese traditional style.

The result is a large, well made dark green leaf. The liquor produced is pale yellow, with vegetal and citrus notes. Minimal astringency and balanced grassiness is combined with afternotes of spinach and grapes.

Brew with freshly drawn boiled water that has cooled for 2 minutes, for 3-4 minutes.

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