6th October

Reginald Ames - Darjeeling 2nd Flush Turzum Mystic DJ30 2022

Darjeeling 2nd Flush Turzum Mystic DJ30 2022


Mystic is one of the Signature mark clonal teas from Turzum Division of Sungma and Turzum Tea Estate. It is derived from Tea Research Assocation (TRA) approved Darjeeling quality clone AV-2, Which is famous for its unique floral flavour.

This leaf of DJ-30 Mystic has been plucked on 26th June, manufactured on 27th and packed on 28th June 2022 from the section of the garden which has an altitude range of 4,600-5,200'ft. This part of the garden is North and North East facing. The North and North East aspect plays a vital role in synthesizing the intrinsic quality traits in tea due to low temperature and least exposure to Sun. Thereafter Elevation is another parameter which has a great influence.

During processing the moderately withered leaf has been rolled for longer duration to retain the bloom and allow the leaf to get oxidised to the desired level.

A little extra fire has been used to enhance the aroma after maturity & to prolong the shelf life in storage.

This tea has a large brown leaf with bold golden tip.

Liquor is full with long lingering muscatel flavour and an in depth character.

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